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Michael Bolla is a Senior Global Real Estate Broker with Sotheby’s International Realty In New York City. He earned his B.A. in Finance and Economics at Bernard Baruch College and continued his studies at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University. Concurrently, he began work as a real estate broker at the age of 20 and has continued as a broker ever since. Michael’s 28 years of experience in New York real estate has enabled him to develop a broad-based skill set to effectively represent buyers/sellers, develop small buildings, and manage property in New York. Additionally, Michael brings an in-depth understanding and hands on experience working with NYC Department of Buildings, Landmarks, and is highly experienced in landlord/tenant matters. Because of his very disciplined and analytic approach to brokerage, Michael was deemed “a brilliant strategic analyst” by one of Deloitte’s top global lead partners, Susan Gretchko. He has represented very distinguished clients throughout his career. Michael is seen by most as a sensible and reliable representative for developers, sellers, and buyers in the New York City real estate market. In his personal life, Michael resides on the Upper East Side, enjoys opera, studying and appreciating art, and hosting informative arts-related events for friends.
This company focuses on the design, sale, and rental of luxury lofts and townhouses. Below is a sampling of addresses in which we have recently represented individuals in this manner.

280 West 4th Street
355 West Broadway
165 Columbia Heights Street, Brooklyn
708 Greenwich Street
416 Washington Street
559 West 23rd Street
285 Lafayette Street
15 Mercer Street
158 Mercer Street
66 Leonard Street
114 Prince Street
173 Perry Street
176 Perry Street
459 West Broadway
260 West Broadway
113 Bank Street
525 West 22nd Street
534 Hudson Street
105 5th Avenue
2 Horatio Street
1 Fifth Avenue
302 West 12th Street
30 Fifth Avenue
165 Washington Street
13 East 94 Street
16 East 94 Street
140 Franklin Street
129 E. 64th Street, Mansion House
11 E. 93rd Street, Mansion House
252 7th Avenue, Penthouse
139 East 18th Street, Private House
15 East 17th Street
174 Duane St
421 West 20th, Private House
15 West 63rd Street, The Park Laurel
374 West 11th Street
366 West 11th Street
355 West Broadway
237 West 12th Street, Private House
175 East Broadway
33 Charles Street
44 Mercer Street

"Michael Bolla is our real estate broker in NYC. He has represented us on more than one occasion and proven to be an extremely qualified and knowledgeable real estate broker in Manhattan. His grasp of the Manhattan market is something we value and respect. He has been extremely professional and pleasant in his manner. We recommend Mr. Bolla as a trustworthy real estate professional in NY." - Pauletta and Denzel Washington

Michael Bolla is amazing. He has represented both me and my family and is totally committed to both finding and selling the right properties to meet his client's needs. Michael is discrete, analytical and can close a deal like no one I've ever seen! -Zac Posen

"Recently, I had the pleasure of working with real estate broker Michael Bolla on the listing of my employer, Heidi Klum's penthouse apartment. Having already met with several brokers, upon meeting Michael we knew we had found the right broker to list the apartment. Both Heidi and I were immediately reassured by Michael's professionalism, fierce knowledge of the industry and his level of discretion. I believe Michael's well-deserved reputation in the industry is a testament to his expertise and utter professionalism. Heidi and I have both recommended Michael to several associates, and will continue to do so in the future." - Jennifer Love, Assistant to Heidi Klum

“Living in one of Michael’s spaces is truly inspiring. The history he retains. He puts all of his passion and heart into creating true homes.” -Andrew Garfield,

"Michael is the perfect candidate to be chosen as the exclusive broker for 142 Henry Street. From all that he has shared about the property his connection to the fashion and entertainment communities will be invaluable to you in your efforts to market this property. The marketing of this property will require a downtown broker who is offbeat enough to understand how to introduce more mainstream individials considering properties in more established areas to the lower East Side. Michael Bolla is offbeat but very established and well liked. You will find him a pleasure to work with." - Campion A. Platt, AIA

"Michael Bolla was our listing agent for 534 Hudson Street and sold our apartment rather quickly. He made the transaction appear to be seamless and we wouldn't hesitate to give any listing we wanted to sell to Michael and have referred him to all our friends. He doesn't waste time and gets the job done efficiently." - Roseline Glazer, West Village Resident

"I have retained Michael Bolla to handle matters surrounding my real estate in New York and unequivocably recommend him to you. As a Global partner of Deloitte Consulting it is important that the professionals I surround myself with are able to act capably and independently. Michael has been a great asset to me and shown himself to be a professional. He is reliable, efficient, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with. I am certain you will find Michael an invaluable member of your team and his connections priceless." - Susan Gretchko, Global Lead Deloitte Consulting

"We initially marketed our house through one of New York's larger and best known firms for 'mansion town houses', but we were not successful in the difficult market environment that accompanied the recent recessionary period and the aftermath of 9-11. We were referred to Mr. Bolla through a mutual friend, and within two months of his being given the listing, he produced a deal that was acceptable to us. Given the market climate, we feel this was a major accomplishment. Despite the apparently greater marketing resources available through larger firms, we found Mr. Bolla's skills, personal attention and unrelenting energy to be very effective. We can suggest with confidence that Michael is worthy of your serious consideration for a similar project." - Alexandra Champalimaud

"In 1998, as Executor of a large estate, I selected Mr. Bolla to act as broker in the proposed sale of a large town house on East 94th Street which had been owned by the decedent. His competitors in that selection were a number of the largest brokerage firms in New York City, but I felt that Mr. Bolla would give the transaction the hands-on attention that employees of a larger organization were unlikely to provide. As it turned out, the sale was successfully consummated and Mr. Bolla's performance as broker was exemplary in every respect." - Jeremy Nussbaum

I would like to extend special thanks to the following clients and customers, and their staff for their continued support and loyalty.

Zac Posen
Susan & Stephen Posen
Alexandra Posen
Heidi Klum
Polissena di Bagno Perrone
Edgardo Osorio
Andrew Garfield
Amar'e Stoudemire
John Stamos
Emma Stone
Rachel Zabar
Jennifer Tilly
America Ferrera
Claire VanKampen
Mark Rylance
Jason Statham
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Denzel and Pauletta Washington
Jennifer Aniston
Paul Rudd
Sam Mendes
Kate Winslet
Isabella Rossellini
Bob Vila & This Old House
Ronald Castellano
Studio Castellano
Jessica Lange
Sam Shepherd
Ianni Milios
Ellen Gooch
David Grohl
Melissa Auf Der Mer
David Life
Sharon Gannon
Jivamukti Yoga
Mike Piazza
John Bruno
John and Rose Franco
Luke and Julie Janklow
Janklow Nesbit Publishing
Hugh and Deborah Lee Jackman
Mark Vanderloo
Tracy Feith
Finola Hughes
Peter Berg
Deloitte Consulting & Susan Gretchko
John Stewart
Rebecca Bent
Linda Evangelista
Donna & Gaby Karan
Tate Donovan
Tatum O'Neal
David and Sybil Yurman
Lance Accord
Parc Pictures
Louise MacBain
Tarsem Dhandwar
Spike Jonze
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